Instant Prints

ProBooth gives your guests instant beautiful full-color prints custom branded with your event or venue logo and details. Sending your guests home with these prints is a rich and rewarding experience for everyone.

Social Sharing

Even your friends who aren't with you can join in the fun. ProBooth will automatically upload your pictures to Facebook where you can tag and share them instantly.

Online Gallery

All photos from events and permanent installations are stored and backed up in our high-resolution online image galleries where they can be viewed, shared or even turned into professional prints of any size or type.


In addition to being able to brand your print cards with your event or venue logo and details, we can also customize your ProBooth itself to look like anything you want. Use this physical space to build your brand or promote a future event. It's up to you!

ProBooth was founded in 2010 to take social event photography to a whole new level of excellence.  We may not have invented the photo booth, but we think we have perfected it.

Introducing ProBooth

Now you can have everything you want at your event or physical location including:

  • High-quality Instant Prints
  • Online Digital Gallery
  • Integrated Social Sharing
  • Custom Branded Print Backgrounds
  • Custom Screen Images

ProBooth makes you look like a Pro!

The Photo Booth: A Long-Standing Tradition

A Brief History of the Photo Booth As the modern party-goer is exposed to photo booths at events, they may forget that this long-standing tradition has roots that date back to the 1800’s as pictures were first being developed. The next time you find yourself in a photo booth, remember that you are taking part […]

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Cupcake Royale Valentine’s Day Season Partnership

Recently, we “played” the Cupcake Royale holiday party and so surprise . . . they LOVED us! 🙂 They loved us so much, in fact, that they want us to be in three of their stores for the entire Valentine’s Day season! So, look for ProBooth in the Capital Hill, Ballard and Bellevue locations of […]

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New Website!

Welcome to our new website… We’re happy to announce it’s launch and hope you like it. We sure do.

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Thank You SEAF!

ProBooth was proud to sponsor the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2011 Seduction Halloween Party. This party was so big they needed TWO ProBooths! Not only did we have a great time at the event, we also broke three records for our company! This was the biggest event so far for ProBooth with 1500 guests! We […]

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Introducing ProBooth 2

The ProBooth team has been hard at work on the newest addition to the ProBooth family! After months of research to find out exactly what our customers were looking for in the perfect photo booth, we think we have created the perfect open-air photo booth.  We call it, simply,  ProBooth 2. ProBooth 2 has all […]

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