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The Photo Booth: A Long-Standing Tradition

A Brief History of the Photo Booth As the modern party-goer is exposed to photo booths at events, they may forget that this long-standing tradition has roots that date back to the 1800’s as pictures were first being developed. The next time you find yourself in a photo booth, remember that you are taking part […]

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Thank You SEAF!

ProBooth was proud to sponsor the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2011 Seduction Halloween Party. This party was so big they needed TWO ProBooths! Not only did we have a great time at the event, we also broke three records for our company! This was the biggest event so far for ProBooth with 1500 guests! We […]

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Introducing ProBooth 2

The ProBooth team has been hard at work on the newest addition to the ProBooth family! After months of research to find out exactly what our customers were looking for in the perfect photo booth, we think we have created the perfect open-air photo booth.  We call it, simply,  ProBooth 2. ProBooth 2 has all […]

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