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Thank You SEAF!

ProBooth was proud to sponsor the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2011 Seduction Halloween Party.
This party was so big they needed TWO ProBooths!
Not only did we have a great time at the event, we also broke three records for our company!

This was the biggest event so far for ProBooth with 1500 guests!

We printed over 500 ProBooth Prints (thats over 1500 pictures taken!)

We projected all of the pics on Fremont Studios giant projection screen. I’m not sure how big this screen was, but it was definitely the largest projection we have ever done, and it was a thrill to see ProBooth Pics on such a huge screen!

A special thanks goes out to all of the volunteers at the event, and to Clayton Hibbert making it all come together!
Photo Credit: Alison Park-Douglas

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