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The Photo Booth: A Long-Standing Tradition

A Brief History of the Photo Booth

As the modern party-goer is exposed to photo booths at events, they may forget that this long-standing tradition has roots that date back to the 1800’s as pictures were first being developed. The next time you find yourself in a photo booth, remember that you are taking part in a technology that dates back hundreds of years.

The first photo booth was patented in 1888 by two men named William Pope and Edward Pole, although the actual machine wasn’t built until much later. These two men had the idea for a machine that automated picture taking, so they secured the patent for such a machine in hopes that someday it would make its debut.

Little did they know that the popularity of such a machine would be widespread around the world. The first photo booth appeared in the 1920’s in New York and quickly became a staple at carnivals, arcades, and movie theaters. In its early development, photo booth pictures took anywhere from eight minutes to as long as 25 minutes to develop. The average photo booth picture development today takes 45 seconds, ProBooth pictures are printed in around 15 seconds.

Today, photo booths are used widespread for personal use. In the last few years, there has been a growing demand for photo booth rentals at events and parties. This popular trend is only growing, as many event planners recognize just how much guests appreciate a photo booth at an event. They allow guests to control the picture while leaving their own personal style, plus they give guests a souvenir to keep forever.

Whatever your event, the pros at can accommodate your event. With the ability to customize a photo booth to your specifications, ProBooth is your source for photo booth rental in the Seattle area.

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